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The Tory cuts agenda has caused huge damage to the economy, slowing growth, increasing unemployment and reducing living standards of the majority of people.

Their ruthless attack on public services has also undermined the very fabric of our society and increased poverty and inequality. More and more people are out of work and reliant on foodbanks.

Austerity has even failed in its own aim of lowering the national debt, which has increased as the economy has stagnated. As a result, a number of proponents of austerity, including the IMF, have urged a slow down or rethink of Tory policy.

But despite the failure of these policies, the Government is even proposing that austerity be deepened and extended into the next parliament.

We reject austerity as a solution to the economic crisis. Instead of cuts, we support a plan for public investment and jobs that can get the economy growing.

We believe that only a Labour government can deliver this and that by offering a progressive economic alternative to austerity, Labour can best reach out to a broad coalition of voters whose living standards have declined under this government. In contrast, sticking to the Tory spending limits would be a disaster for Labour.

We therefore support the Labour Assembly Against Austerity that will reject cuts, look at the alternatives to austerity that Labour should advance in its next manifesto to stimulate growth, jobs and better living standards, and that will discuss how Labour Party members can be part of the broad based People’s Assembly Against Austerity movement of all opposed to austerity.




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Dave Anderson MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dawn Butler MP, Ronnie Campbell MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, John Cryer MP, Paul Farrelly MP, Paul Flynn MP, Mary Glindon MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Ian Lavery MP, Clive Lewis MP, John McDonnell MP, Michael Meacher MP, Ian Mearns MP, Grahame Morris MP, Cat Smith MP

Martin Caton former MP, Katy Clark former MP, Michael Connarty former MP, Peter Hain former MP, Dai Havard former MP

Lord Peter Hunt

Lucy Anderson MEP, Judith Kirton-Darling MEP, Claude Moraes MEP

Cllr Stan Anderson (Mitcham and Morden), Cllr Elizabeth Atkins (Preston), Cllr Alan Bennett (Basildon), Cllr Kevin Bennett (Warrington), Cllr Chris Bond (Enfield), Cllr Matthew Brown (Preston), Cllr Patricia Callaghan (Camden), Cllr Barbara Cannon (Allerdale), Cllr Leonie Cooper (Wandsworth), Cllr Dan Jeffery (Southampton), Cllr Len Junier (Middlesbrough), Cllr Jean-Roger Kaseki (Islington), Cllr Mohammed Khan (Blackburn), Cllr Aaron Kiely (Thurrock), Cllr Nina Killen (Sefton), Cllr Jim King (Salford), Cllr Barry Kushner (Liverpool), Cllr Bob Littlewood (Redbridge), Cllr Richard Livingstone (Southwark), Cllr Hussain Manzoor (Barking and Dagenham), Cllr Nathan Morrison (Aberdeen), Cllr Tom Neilson (Leicestershire), Cllr Alice Perry (Islington), Cllr Rupert Perry (Islington), Cllr Cheryl Pidgeon (Erewash), Cllr Peter Rankin (Preston), Cllr Martin Rawlinson (Preston), Cllr Martin Rawson (Derby), Cllr Mike Rowley (Oxford), Cllr Pat Ryan (Croydon), Cllr Bally Singh (Coventry), Cllr Sam Tarry (Barking and Dagenham), Cllr Kate Taylor (Plymouth), Cllr Frank Toner (West Lothian), Cllr Ian Ward (Birmingham), Cllr Janette Williamson (Birkenhead)

Unite the Union, UCATT, CLPD, LRC, Morning Star, Tribune, Left Futures, Labour Briefing Co-operative, Chartist, Red Labour, Sinistra, Ecologia, Liberta UK, Campaign for Trade Union Freedom

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