The Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Richard Burgon MP have launched a new campaign to increase taxes on the super-rich to tackle the widespread inequality and poverty exposed by the public health crisis.

Richard Burgon MP will be presenting a petition, launched today, in the House of Commons in late July and we need thousands to sign up to show all MPs the strength of public feeling that exists to tackling the grotesque inequality that scars out country.

The petition highlights the stark contrast between the grotesque wealth amassed by the super-rich during the pandemic, and the steep rise in food bank use under Tory rule.  British billionaires have increased their wealth by £106 billion during the crisis. At the same time a record 2.5m food bank parcels were given to people. 

Yet Boris Johnson still wants the working class to bear the brunt of the crisis. This comes after our core public services have been left at breaking point after a decade of ideologically driven austerity, profiteering and privatisation.

We need lessons to be learnt from this pandemic and there can be no return to business as usual. That means building a more equal and inclusive society and finally putting to rest the myth of trickle-down economics – it’s economically illiterate and has led to decades of failing tax policy.

Join us in sending a message to the House of Commons – we urgently need a fairer tax policy to tackle the crippling inequality and poverty entrenched in our society. The petition calls for:

  • A Wealth Tax that would raise tens of billions from the wealthiest in our society
  • A Windfall Tax on those corporations that have made super-profits during this crisis
  • A more progressive income tax system including a new 55% income tax rate on all income over £200,000 per year; a 50% income tax rate for those on over £123,000 and 45% rate for income over £80,000.”

Add your support and show that it’s Time to Tax the Super-Rich. Sign and share the petition here.

This article was originally published by Labour Outlook here.

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