Jeremy making the running – while May runs away

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

By Richard Burgon Labour wants to win the general election. We need to see the back of this cruel Conservative government. Over the next six weeks everyone in our party and the trade union and labour movement has a huge duty to fulfil. Yes, Labour is currently behind in the polls. But we didn’t use that as an excuse to try to block a general election. We know that the Conservatives have made – and are continuing to make – the lives of those we represent and those we seek to represent harder, more difficult and more unpleasant. This general election is a chance to end that. Given the current polling and the extent of positive change we want to bring in, if we win on June 8 it will be a truly historic result. It’s the collective task of the labour and trade union movement to make history. But – as Jeremy Corbyn told the media last week – in 2015 he was a 200-1 shot to become Labour Party leader. Politics has become unpredictable. And that can help give us hope. In the first few days of the election, Jeremy has made the running. Theresa May has simply run away. She has avoided journalists and carefully stage-managed her visits. Jeremy has been touring the country and took on a tough Andrew Marr interview. And […]

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