I’m Owen Jones. I’m a journalist and activist.

I just want to call out for everyone to come to the Labour Assembly Against Austerity on the 9th of November.

We’re going through the longest economic crisis not since the Great Depression but in modern history. The longest fall in living standards since Queen Victoria sat on the throne.

A Britain being built on foodbanks, legal loan sharks, zero hours contracts and ever falling living standards while it remains boom-time for those bank-rolling the Conservative Party – hedge-funds, banks, legal loan sharks and so on.

What we need is a Labour Party, a Labour leadership, that fights for the people it was set up to represent – working people – at a time when they’re being made to pay for a crisis they have absolutely nothing to do with.

So we need as many people there as possible, to build as broad a movement as we can, to win over public opinion and win over the Labour leadership.

So let’s get cracking, let’s build that movement, and I’ll see you on the 9th.



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