Labour Assembly Against Austerity’s Co-Chairs, Diane Abbott MP and Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary of Unite the Union, alongside Vice-Chair Lucy Anderson MEP, comment on Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour Leader with an increased share of the vote.

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour Leadership election today, Lucy Anderson MEP, Vice-Chair of the Labour Assembly Against Austerity said:

“The Labour Assembly Against Austerity welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader, staking out how a Labour government would deliver a £500bn public investment programme to build our infrastructure, manufacturing, and new industries of the future, moving us to a low carbon economy, delivering good jobs and tackling the housing crisis. This is the credible – and transformative – economic strategy that Labour needs for General Election victory and will raise living standards in Britain.”

She added, “Austerity has not eliminated the government deficit, contrary to Conservative promises. Instead, because of their policies, the economy has stagnated. In contrast to this, Jeremy Corbyn clearly understands that the priority must be achieving economic growth that fairly shares wealth. We look forward to working with Jeremy in campaigning against the Conservatives and for a Labour victory in the months and years ahead.”

Co-Chair of the Labour Assembly Against Austerity Diane Abbott MP commented that, “Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour’s successes this past year in forcing some Government U-turns on austerity policies have resonated with public opposition to austerity. This would have underpinned Labour’s recent parliamentary by-election victories and Labour beating the Conservatives’ vote share at May’s local elections”.

Co-Chair of the Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Unite Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner said, “We welcome the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership – the priority now is for the Labour party to unite around this result and the economic policies to end austerity and that can deliver real improvements for people, including stronger employment and trade union rights to ensure that our economic wealth is fairly shared by the millions of people who create it”.


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